3. Masonic Grand Lodge of New York

Masonic Grand LodgedPhoto: Nicole Rivelli/FOX

Bruce gets kidnapped by The Court and taken to what is the Masonic Grand Lodge of New York located on 23rd Street in Manhattan. He’s met by Margaret, who tells him he has to stop his investigations into Wayne Enterprises in order to save Alfred.

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6 thoughts on “NYC Film Locations for TV Show Gotham on FOX

  1. The Old Town Bar is the bar that Harvey is bar tending at the beginning of season 2.

  2. Where exactly in Grand Central Terminal was this scene filmed, I am not familiar with this section of the building

    1. This is actually the waiting room – it’s hard to recognize because of the dim, moody lighting. Right now there’s a holiday shopping pop-up there.

      1. Thank you, I actually search again by looking for the floor plans and I found the answer

  3. In the eight episode of the first season, entitled “The Mask”, Jada Smith’s character can be found in a confessional booth in a church at approx. 17:33 mark. What was the name of the church used for this scene?

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