11. Smith-Strong Family Graveyard

Strongs Neck-Anna and Selah Strong Grave-Smith-Strong Family Graveyard--Setauket-Culper Spy Ring-AMC TURN-Film Locations-Abraham Woodhull Grave-St George Cemetery-Culper Spy Ring-Revolutionary War-001Tombstones of Anna and Selah Strong in the Smith-Strong Graveyard

The Smith-Strong Family Graveyard is found in Strongs Neck, a peninsula in the Setauket area that served as the home of William “Tangier” Smith, who owned much of Brookhaven. Smith’s great-granddaughter Anna was part of the Culper Ring and would eventually marry American lawyer Selah Strong. At her house in Strongs Neck, Anna communicated with spies via the color of clothes hung on her clothes line.

Anna accompanied Abraham Woodhull on one trip to New York City, since the British were less likely to suspect and search “respectable married men traveling to see in-laws with their equally respectable wives.” Today, Anna and Selah Strong are buried next to each other in the Smith-Strong Family Graveyard.