10. Sun Seekers at Governors Island

sun seekers jumpsuits
Sun Seekers Jumpsuits, Courtesy of the Artists, 2022.

Sun Seekers is a body of immersive installation, sculptural, and performance work intended to promote healing through disconnecting with technology and reconnecting with the natural world. Created by sisters Amy Khoshbin and Jennifer Khoshbin, Sun Seekers features an alternate world known as the Wreck-tangle, which directly correlates to our current experiences with a life centered around screens and social media. In direct contrast to the Wreck-tangle, Sun Seekers’ somatic analog sculptures display embodied experiences and outdoor spaces filled with light. In doing so, the work intends to imbue empathy for the environment within its audience and encourage them to get back in touch with their bodies.

Over the course of the exhibition, a series of participatory performances will be led by Sun Seekers to induct the audience into their world through object-making and durational, technology-free somatic experiences. Sun Seeker’s first performance will take place on June 18 as part of the River to River Festival. The installation is presented by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council at the Arts Center on Governors Island through October 30, 2022.