2. Art on the Ave on the Upper West Side

Art on the Ave
Art on the Ave. Photo by @Thingscreativenyc

Art on the Ave is a nonprofit organization that spotlights the work of New York City-based underrepresented artists. The organization’s latest exhibition, Creating Tomorrow, features the work of 22 artists across six generously donated vacant storefronts on the Upper West Side. Located on Columbus Avenue between 68th and 84th Streets, Creating Tomorrow works to brighten and support the local community. 

The exhibition aims to showcase work that is both beautiful and based on the theme of a sustainable future. Accompanying each artwork is an audio story from the artist and access to their information to purchase the piece directly. Though the gallery walk is self-guided, tours including the artists, curators, and Art on the Ave team can be arranged free of charge. Art on the Ave will be up for view through July 1, 2022.