24. Black Atlantic at Brooklyn Bridge Park

On Elbows by Dozie Kanu as part of Black Atlantic. Photo by Nicholas Knight. Courtesy of Public Art Fund, NY.

On May 17, artist Hugh Hayden and Public Art Fund Curator Daniel S. Palmer’s exhibition Black Atlantic will open at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Named after Paul Gilroy’s novel of the same name, Black Atlantic was created to highlight the complex hybrid identities that have developed as a result of the exchange of culture and ideas along transatlantic networks linking Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States.

The exhibition will also feature the work of Leilah Babiyre, Hugh Hayden, Dozie Kanu, Tau Lewis, and Kiyan Lewis—five artists who share a commitment to material exploration, fusing contemporary ideas with the historical, and exploring processes of making and fabrication by hand. Through the artwork featured in Black Atlantic, the exhibition will challenge its audience to embrace a more open, multifaceted, and heterogeneous idea of Black identity in the United States. Black Atlantic will be on view through November 2022.