9. Turkey’s Nest Tavern, Brooklyn

Joel Maisel at the Turkey's Nest Tavern in Brooklyn

In Episode 6 we see the events that led up to the falling out between Midge and Susy, and how Joel is involved. Joel makes a deal with Nicky and Frank that keeps Midge clean, but ultimately leads to Joel getting in trouble. He meets with Nicky and Frank in a Brooklyn dive bar where the two mobsters are having a Christmas party. The bar used as a setting for these scenes is the Turkey’s Nest Tavern in Williamsburg near McCarren Park.

10. East Midwood Jewish Center

This is a location we’ve seen the cast at many times before. In episode 6, we’re in the year 1985. In a dramatic turn, the service is interrupted by the FBI. The real-life synagogue where the scene was shot is in East Midwood, Brooklyn. In the episode, you can see the magnificent stained glass windows that line the historic East Midwood Jewish Center, located at 1625 Ocean Avenue. It’s assumed that this Brooklyn synagogue is located in Manhattan in the show, as it would be a far trek for the Maisels from the Upper West Side.