9. Bowery Subway Station – Abandoned Track

At this point, Trenton and Mobley pretty much know they’re screwed. For some reason Darlene decided back in the first episode of season 2 that it would be a good idea to use the sweet apartment of Susan Jacobs, Madam Executioner from E Corp, for the F Society headquarters. They kick her out by hacking her fancy technology system inside, and freak her out enough that she goes to her other home in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Of course, she was bound to come back and the F Society team freaks out. They tie her up next to her indoor pool. Darlene then “accidentally” killed kills her tazering her when she knew from hacking Susan’s computer that she had a pacemaker. Jacobs falls into her pool, dead.

Darlene sends Trenton and Mobley out of there so they can perhaps form an escape and avoid getting caught. Here, they’re seen in the Bowery subway station. This is actually filmed in an abandoned platform in the Bowery station, used for NYPD terrorism drills and film shoots. Darlene and Cisco wipe down the apartment and bring Susan’s body in a bag to their favorite dog execution pound, where they burn her body.