9. Pierre Loti

Elliot doesn’t use his hacking for evil, he actually does it for benevolent purposes, most of the time. One example of his good natured hacking, is him hacking a man his therapist has been seeing. To his therapist, Gloria, her date is a likable older man; Elliot, through some sleuthing, finds out that he is actually a married man and he hasn’t even been telling Gloria his real name. His first steps in getting the information of this two-timer is by waiting until Gloria and her date leave Pierre Loti, a wine bar and tapas restaurant, which has three locations in the New York City. This one is located on 301. E. 52nd street. Pierre Loti appears again in a later episode, when Gloria gets tricked to meet the cheater once again, by saying he has cancer.

10. Brooklyn Night Bazaar

The group that makes up F Society is a well diverse group that only has people of color, but people of different genders. The two female members of F Society are Trenton, a shy, conservative young woman from a Middle Eastern family and Darlene, who is the exact opposite, brash, loud, and seemingly born without a filter. Trenton tags along with Darlene to meet up another hacking group (The Dark Army), who is helping f society in its grand scheme. One of the first places they look is inside the now former Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Until just recently, the space was used as a mixture of performance space, game room and market. BMW bought the property at 15 Banker Street in Williamsburg, causing the Bazaar to move to Jacob Riis Park. [Update as of 2019, the building has been demolished and a new building is rising in its place].