12. Tuskegee Train Station

Tuskegee Train station on the Gilded Age
Photograph by Barbra Nitke/HBO

Another scene created with the help of special effects takes place at the Tuskegee train station. This scene was shot at The Gilded Age’s constructed backlot on Long Island, located on the grounds near the Museum of American Armor in Bethpage. Many of the exterior scenes are shot here on streets lined with building facades. For the train station, a station house was built along with a section of the platform. The train was computer generated, as VFX Supervisor VFX supervisor Douglas Purver explained on The Gilded Age Podcast.

11. Booker T. Washington’s House and the Tuskegee Institute Farm

When we see Peggy and Thomas again at Booker T. Washington’s house and the Tuskegee Institute farm, those scenes were shot at Old Bethpage Village Restoration on Long Island, which neighbors The Gilded Age backlot. Executive producer and writer Sonja Warfield explained to Decider how one of the buildings in the village looked very much like Washington’s home, The Oaks. The homes at Old Bethpage Village Restoration are all authentic structures that date from the 1660s to 1875 and come from a variety of different locations from all over Long Island.