7. Newport

A scene in a Newport cottage, The Gilded Age filming locations
Photo: Alison Rosa/HBO

In the first episode, Larry Russell, back from Harvard, attends a party in Newport, Rhode Island at the home of someone from the old money crowd. There, he runs into one of the Astor daughters. It’s his first foray into the society in which his mother desperately wishes to gain entry. These scenes were filmed at The Ledges Hotel in Newport.

In episode eight, many of the characters, including the Russells, the Astors, Ward McAllister, and Aurora Fane go up to Newport for the season. The scenes filmed at the casino, where they play grass tennis, are filmed in the real life Newport Casino which served as the first location for the U.S. Open (it is now the International Tennis Hall of Fame).

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This article was written by Michelle Young and Nicole Saraniero