3. The Van Rhijn Townhouse

Christine Baranski in costume in The Gilded Age
Photograph by Barbara Nitke/HBO

The Van Rhijn townhouse featured prominently in Season 1 and it gets a lot of screen time in Season 2’s premiere. As a representation of New York City’s old money, the Van Rhijn home forms a distinct contrast to the Neoclassical exterior and Rococo interior of the Russells’ mansion. The Van Rhijns prefer the architectural style of the old set, a classic townhouse layout with wood-based interiors that are not too flashy.

While some interiors of the old money set were filmed in real-life locations, the interior of the Van Rhijn townhouse is a set. Crockett says, “We treated the entire season like a giant movie. We crossboarded the entire season and shot all of the scenes for each house at one time. We built a backlot with giant sets. We had four different soundstages in two different locations.”