Episode 5

16. Emily Roebling’s House

Portrait of Emily Roebling
Charles-Émile-Auguste Carolus-Duran Portrait of Emily Warren Roebling, 1896. Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Paul Roebling, 1994.69.1 Image Courtesy of Brooklyn Museum

In Episode 5 Larry Russell has a meeting with a famous real-life figure in New York City history, Emily Robeling. Emily stepped up as the Chief Engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge after her husband, Washington, fell ill with caissons disease. Washington had inherited the role from his father, John Augustus Roebling, who created the original plans for the bridge. John had died from an infection after a freak accident on the construction site.

Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour

Tour group on a spring walking tour of the Brooklyn Bridge

The show creators didn’t try to find a match for the Roebling’s actual Brooklyn Heights house. Instead, they chose the exterior of a cute red house with a porch on State Street in Albany, near other locations used in the show. The porch serves as the perfect place to watch fireworks from when the bridge opens, later in the season. The interiors of Emily’s home were filmed at the Women’s Club of Albany on Madison Ave. Learn more about Emily and the Roeblings on our Secrets of the Brooklyn Bridge tour!