3. New York City Streets

Marian and Peggy on Broadway, The Gilded Age filming locations
Marian Brook and Peggy Ryan walking the streets of NYC in The Gilded Age. Photo: Alison Cohen Rosa/HBO

The production team went looking for a streetscape that would resemble 1880s New York City. They found some of that in Troy, New York, a city outside of Albany. Crockett says, “Troy was a godsend. I had been there years earlier for The Age of Innocence. Troy was prosperous through the Civil War, but when the railroad came in and the canal was no longer the preferred method of transporting goods, it receded. But the buildings from the 1830s, ‘40s and ’50s are still there. We basically transformed a full city square and had five blocks fully dressed with horses, carriages and extras. It was pretty special.”

Troy, New York also served as the backdrop for scenes that take place in Brooklyn, involving a Black character named Peggy Ryan (played by Denée Benton) whom Marian befriends, as well as plot lines that take place outside of New York City, like a trip to see the opening of a Red Cross Hospital.