Episode 2

6. Kingscote, Newport

  • Kingscote Mansion
  • Actress in the Gilded Age on HBO

Episode 2 has characters appearing in New York City and Newport. We meet Bertha and Larry Russell, along with Mr. McCallister at Mrs. Blane’s (Laura Benanti) Newport mansion, which was mentioned in Episode 1. The real-life location is Kinsgcote, a Gothic Revival style “cottage” designed by architect Richard Upjohn in 1839. In the show, Larry, a budding architect himself, is hired to renovate Mrs. Blane’s home. By the 1880s, when this show takes place, Mrs. Blane’s quaint summer cottage, though fashionable in the early half of the century, was puny compared to the mega-mansions of families like the Russells.