Abandoned subway entrance

Untapped Cities is excited to announce this exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of The New Yorker Hotel, led by Joe Kinney, the senior project engineer and historian of the hotel. Experience both sides of history on this visit: walk in the glamorous footsteps of society’s rich and famous and learn about the hotel’s engineering and design feats.

Joe Kinney has worked at the New Yorker Hotel since 1996 and has been reviving the storied past of the hotel. Part of the proceeds for this visit will support Kinney’s effort to expand the small historic exhibit he has built on the lower level of the hotel. We hope you will join us on this unique behind-the-scenes tour one of NYC’s most iconic hotel. A portion of the proceeds will go to the enhancement of its museum. 

Behind the Scenes Tour of the New Yorker Hotel!


  • Access the off-limits rooftop of the hotel next to the famous NEW YORKER sign (weather depending)
  • Walk inside the elevator machine room that is still in operation
  • See Kinney’s extensive historical archive
  • Visit the abandoned but historic and award winning power plant from 1929 that was once the largest DC generator in the world
  • Depending on access that day, the visit may include a look into the suite Nikola Tesla lived in until his death, as well as the Manhattan Ballroom next door
  • Walk through the long-closed tunnel that once whisked guests from the subway to the lobby

Price: $35 (+ fees)
What to know:
 The tour is approximately 2-hours long
What to wear: 
Bring comfortable shoes, as the tour requires walking up and down stairs

Here are a few more pictures of places you will see on this tour:


new-yorker-hotel-sign-art-deco-secrets-nycPhoto via Flickr by George Estreich

Abandoned Tunnel below the New Yorker Hotel leading to a former subway entrance

new-yorker-hotel-rooftop_manhattan_-nyc_untapped-citiesView from the usually off-limits roof of the New Yorker Hotel

new-yorker-hotel-rooftop_manhattan_-nyc_untapped-cities_1View of Madison Square Garden from the roof of the New Yorker Hotel

new-yorker-hotel-rooftop_manhattan_-nyc_untapped-cities_2View of downtown Manhattan from the roof of the New Yorker Hotel

Former bank vault being transformed into a bar

Original architectural plans for the New Yorker Hotel

New Yorker Hotel’s Underbelly

Part of the abandoned power plant

Part of the abandoned power plant

Part of the abandoned power plant

Our guide for the day, Joe Kinney

Behind the Scenes Tour of the New Yorker Hotel!

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