17. Item #67: Banana Bikini

Item #67: Banana Hammock. This year’s summer fashion elitists are all wearing the latest rage: Banana Bikini or Banana Briefs. Join them!

Another GISHWHES staple is the food item bikinis. Past hunts have seen watermelon rind bikinis, candy bikinis, and cheese bikinis. Misha Collins often chooses an item he bizarrely obsesses over so 2017 had a large number of banana themed items.

Austin is a junior in high school who absolutely loathes bananas. He was helping out his mom with items throughout the hunt and decided that if he was going to wearing a fruit he hated so much, he should at least be making a positive statement of some kind. As a future member of the military, Austin landed on a cause that means something to him: LGBT representation in the military.

Austin notes, “as someone who aspires to be in the military, I thought that this would be a great chance to show that I care. I know I am a cis, straight male, but I think it’s important for people like me, especially at my age, to speak out so others know that they are loved and respected and that they are not alone.”

Austin painted the top part of the bikini with the trans flag in light of the recent tweet made by the President of the United States that trans individuals would not be welcome to serve in the military. “Everyone matters in this world regardless of their sexual identity or orientation and anyone who wants to serve this country should be able to,” Austin says.