27. Item #206: Sorry, Sweden

#206: Take a picture of yourself in front of the biggest landmark or point of interest in your town while holding a beautiful hand-lettered sign that reads, “We are Sorry, Sweden.” This is a location-based item so you may do this anywhere in the world… except Sweden.

This item came about when Saga, a Swedish teammate from the Luscious Lucifers wrote a cheeky email to GISHWHES about having no Sweden-based location items in the hunt’s history. The email was forwarded to Misha and his equally cheeky response was to have teams apologize to Sweden in any location that’s not Sweden, instead of creating an item for Sweden.

Lana from Team The_Idjits is the designated dress-maker for items and wanted to go above and beyond for her “Sorry, Sweden” contribution by crafting a dress made entirely from Ikea bags. The photograph was taken at the Dom Tower in Utrecht of The Netherlands.

Saga added an “apology accepted” photo to the Luscious Lucifers’ submission for this item.