5. Item 156: Misha and the Queen Relic

Item 156: Sure, Misha and HRH Queen Elizabeth II had a rocky year in 2016 with their “Brexit Breakup,” but despite a brief conscious uncoupling, theirs is a love that stands the test of time. Prove it by showing us Egyptian hieroglyphics, Greek urns, or other recently-unearthed archaeological finds that prove theirs is a love that has lasted through the ages. If you’re choosing to do a hieroglyphic, you may no permanently deface any stone- use chalk!

Misha Collins has had an intense fascination with Queen Elizabeth and there has been an item illustrating their torrid, fictional affair since the first hunt in 2011. Misha and the Queen in have shared milkshakes together in ’50s pinup paintings, have starred in a sci-fi story, and now have a love so ancient, it stands the test of time.

Alex from team Tepempo claimed this item the minute the list went up because she’s been studying Ancient Egypt since she was a child and picked the hobby back up only three weeks before the hunt began. Alex ordered three new books on Egypt and real papyrus and set to work on her masterpiece. She used the photos of hieroglyphics from the book as a reference point to create the image of Misha and the Queen and the hieroglyphics come from an ancient Egyptian love poem called, “My Love is One and Only Without Peer.”

Alex used imagery from the poem and depicted it in the scene and the entire project took over six hours to complete. Alex notes that everyone assumes it was bought when they see it and her husband and mother are currently fighting over who gets to frame it.