26. Cappanello’s Pizzeria

Photo: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

Bobby’s favorite pizza spot from childhood is Cappanello’s and in season one, he buys the building to help out the owner, Bruno Capparello, whose rent had been raised. The pizza joint is supposed to be in Yonkers, but the real film location is at Rosa’s Pizzeria in Middle Village, Queens on Metropolitan Avenue.  Middle Village is between Ridgewood, Forest Park, Rego Park and Glendale.

Cappanello’s is a regular spot on the show. In early seasons, it’s where Bobby goes to unwind (sometimes with his wife, Lara) and also where some shady deals are attempted to be brokered. In this episode, Bobby gives owner Bruno Capparello what he wants: the ability to retire. The core Axe Capital team is there to celebrate.