13. Brooklyn Heights Promenade

In one of the few scenes where you see the Rhoades’ actual dog, Chuck is walking it on the Brooklyn Heights promenade. This make sense since the Rhoades supposedly live in this neighborhood on Pierrepont Street (though as noted above, the actual house is in Park Slope).

Rhoades gets upset at a fellow dog walker who hasn’t cleaned up after his pup and pressures him into literally picking up the poop with his hands. The scene shows how Rhoades does not compromise for anything, in any scenario, when he feels he’s in the right. Before the incident, you see the camera pan over Brooklyn Bridge Park.

14. Under the FDR Drive

Tara, an admin in the DA’s office is blackmailed to offer information to Axelrod’s fixer, Hal, based on a girl on girl hookup session she had, which was secretly recorded. Hal arranges to meet Tara along the East River at the end of Wall Street, but by this point Tara’s duplicity has been discovered by the DA’s office who hope to use her to get information from Axelrod’s camp. Hal gets spooked and he doesn’t take the bait.