28. New York Stock Exchange

Axe Capital sponsors the New York Stock Exchange tree lighting ceremony taking place on Broad Street. Stacy Cunningham, President of the Stock Exchange plays herself in the scene and introduces Dollar Bill and Wags to the temporary stage that’s set up for the event. Wags introduces Dollar Bill as the fighter for the charity boxing match, where he’ll be going up against Mafee.

Also in this episode, Wendy and Bonnie go for a run in Brooklyn Bridge Park and sit on a bench with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. When Chuck and his team go to the Board of Elections office to see Hap Halloran, along with Kate and Connerty, it appears to be filmed in the Surrogates Courthouse next to City Hall, the Division of Old Records (the real location of the Board of Elections office is on Varick Street, in a less historical looking building. And Bobby goes to the NASDAQ tower in Times Square to film the Halftime Report on CNBC.