13. Item 90: Good Omens

“Item 90: It’s an ineffable Good Omen to see Aziraphale and Crowley sharing a hot fudge sundae on Sunday. Post your picture on social media tagged #GoodOmens and @neilhimself. Bonus points if the sundae is eaten at a Sundae School on Cape Cod.”

Good Omens has swept the internet as a new fan-favorite TV show. Misha Collins usually creates a few current pop culture items, and really, what doesn’t David Tennant slay in?

Roommates from team Illusive Yetis, Megan Hobza and Cynthia Nalbach, spent two months prior to the Hunt building a 2-D cafe for fun photoshoots. While unplanned, it worked perfectly for the Good Omens sundae shop. Their cosplay friends, William Blumberg and Finley Miles Reid came ready to play two of their favorite characters in fiction.

The roommates said, “It was about 100 degrees out that day, so to prevent a messy meltdown during the shoot, we made the ice cream “sundae” out of mashed potatoes and shaving cream. The cherries are real, though!”

Most food commercials and marketing materials are created with the same kind of creative illusions to look plump and delicious.