1. Testimonials

GISH is all about creating change for the better in the world as a whole, but also in the lives of participants. Team CookieMonster’s leader, Exquisitely Loveable (her GISH username), was especially touched by Item 120.

“Item 120: Neil Armstrong stepped on to the Moon 50 years ago. To memorialize this amazing achievement, make your own “One Small Step” monument. Take a giant leap for mankind and put your foot somewhere it’s never been before and probably should not go, then show us the resulting footprint.”

ExquisitelyLoveable knew right away that her foot should(n’t) go in Jello. She said, “My youngest son, who has come to learn about and love his mom’s enthusiasm for Misha and for all things GISH, actively avoids new sensory situations—except for this time. He watched his mom stick her foot in the Jello and laugh and then he asked if he could do the same. And he did! It was a big step for me and a Giant Leap for him!”

Katy Futrell, of team WhiteSquirrels said: “I’ve been dealing with a lot recently and it has drained my creativity. I was assaulted back in June and I’ve been feeling empty. It’s been a lot of battling with myself as to whether or not I’d even be able to make anything worthwhile this year.” Katy continued by saying, “This was the first time in months that I really felt like making something. Making things is in my blood.”

Katy did the item that required her to make a “bee bar” to help struggling bees get water. She said, “I’m so proud of it! It’s even still where I left it on my college’s campus, which makes me very happy. Plus, I got to help my favorite little friend [bees] out!”

GISH participant Emily’s kids love the elderly lady, Katie, across the street. One item tasked GISHers to create a diorama of an elderly person’s favorite day. The family enjoyed recreating Katie’s wedding and honeymoon for the item. At 96-years-old, the diorama made Katie’s day. Dakota, 19-year-old GISHer, said: “My great grandfather died about a month ago, and I live with my great grandparents. GISH is the only thing to have given me joy lately.”

GISH is more than a scavenger hunt. It helps heal hearts, encourages people to conquer their fears and try new things, it spreads creativity and joy, and most importantly, it helps make the world a better place.

Since the first year in 2011, the Hunt has spread far beyond the Supernatural fandom and fans of Misha Collins. It’s a global phenomenon of kindness and love for one week a year—but its impact has an eternal scope.

No matter what Misha Collins decides in the upcoming years—whether GISH goes on past when he’s done running it or not—the spirit of the Hunt lives on in everyone whose lives were changed for the better through this bizarre online scavenger hunt.

Collins surely didn’t foresee this incredible impact when he was doing a scavenger hunt at his college, but that one small act has spawned a movement of kindness and love that spans far beyond what anyone could have imagined.

GISH registration is closed for the time being, but if you are inspired to join, keep an eye on the GISH site and social media pages, as registration often opens up periodically until it gets closer to the Hunt. GISH 2020 will run from August 1 to 8. Gish on.

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