15. Item 21: Collector Platelets

“Item 21: You’re a real dish. No, really. You and a friend, dressed as commemorative collector plates, donating platelets (that’s what plates bleed).”

Amy, from team MomsOnFire, and her mom went all out for this item. As per GISH’s trend to help people, there’s always a blood donation item—or something in the same vein.

Amy said: “The platelet donation item was one of my favorites. I’m already a regular platelet donor, so I jumped at the chance to donate during GISH. I scheduled the donation for my birthday and dragged my mom along with me. I gave my mom a choice of plates. She obviously went with Princess Di.”

Amy continued with, “The ladies at the blood bank got a kick out of it. One of them even took some pictures with her own phone and submitted it to their marketing team.”

The photo was shared by the blood bank, Vitalant, on social media. Vitalant told Amy that the post was their most popular one in a while, which hopefully encouraged more people to donate.

People might surprise you with how willing they are to get on board with bizarre activities like GISH—especially when they hear about all of the good it’s putting out to the world.